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Engineering Design Services
Computer Aided Design(CAD)
  CAD workstations allow projects to be taken from concept to machine drawings. In addition, CONTECH Ltd utilizes several software packages to perform extensive engineering analyses.
Finite Element Analysis(FEA)
  Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to optimize transducer designs for sensitivity and strength.
Dynamic Analysis and Design System(DADS)
  DADS (Dynamic Analysis and Design System) is a lumped parameter digital simulation tool. CONTECH Ltd uses DADS to improve the design and utilization of transducers and instrumentation in complex systems.CONTECH Ltd also uses simulation in support of specific customer projects.
Printed Circuit Design
  We have experience in computer aided design of multiple layer printed circuit boards. Our CAD system supports the complete process of design and layout of complex printed circuit boards
Metallurgical Laboratory
  CONTECH Ltd conducts studies on precious metal contacts concerning wear life, contamination and connection quality.
Software Development
  Custom software for data analysis、GUI development、 and hardware interfaces.
  CONTECH Ltd has advanced inspecting and testing equipments ,strain gauge inspecting,Large automatic compensation, high and low temperature testing.

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